About Business

The Business side of the Aragon Robotics Team encompasses the Outreach, Public Relations, Finances, and Media subgroups that work closely together to ensure the team runs as smoothly as possible.

Outreach and Public Relations

As part of the community, we connect with elementary and middle schools and participate in community events, including Maker Faire and Silicon Valley Robotics Block Party. We work to promote interconnectivity between the team and the local community through semester newsletters and weekly updates. By spreading FIRST and robotics to everyone and anyone, we share our love of robotics and pass it on to other members of the community.


Finances is one of the most significant parts of the robotics team, as a large portion of our budget goes towards materials and registration fees. Members of finances obtain this money by applying for robotics-related grants and reaching out to companies for sponsorships. Most importantly, finances maintains contact and correspondence with sponsors and donors.


Media is another subgroup of business that manages the external affairs. members of media design our team shirts, create the layout for our Aragon Robotics newsletter, designing our logo, and producing competition buttons by hand.