Our Mission

The Aragon Robotics Team brings together a group of students, engineers, teachers, and adult volunteers united by a common interest in STEM, providing a place to explore the field of robotics and to use newly learned skills to compete in the U.S. FIRST Tech Challenge. Through this process, students learn about the fields of mathematics, computer science, physics, and electrical and mechanical engineering.

Team History

The Aragon Robotics Team (ART) was founded by a small group of students back in the 2000-2001 school year, who competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition for the first time the following year. Founding members sought to establish a lasting FIRST team that would continue to grow and inspire students for years to come. Competing as a rookie team at the 2002 Silicon Valley Regional, ART won the Rookie All-Star Award, qualifying for the FIRST World Championships. During the following years, ART continued to compete at the Silicon Valley Regional as well as the Western Region Robotics Forum (WRRF) CalGames, earning recognition in everything from the Industrial Safety Award to the Entrepreneurship Award. In 2012, ART attended the FIRST World Championships for the first time ever after being invited at the Silicon Valley Regional by winning the Engineering Inspiration Award. In 2010 the team piloted a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team, ART 4345. In the 2011-2012 school year, ART exceeded expectations by qualifying for FRC World Championships at St. Louis. In 2014, FTC 4345 qualified for state championships. In 2015, ART make some changes to the structure of the team. FRC was discontinued, but in its place came 3 new FTC teams: 10147, 10148, and 10150. Last year, we had 2 FTC teams : 4345 and 10148. This year, we added a third team again for the 2017-2018 season. Our current teams are 10148, 4345, and 10150.

Aragon Robotics also has great community involvement, engaging in outreach events ranging from Maker Faire to Open House and a biannual potluck for the ART community. The Aragon Robotics Team is composed of ARTists, members who are dedicated to the beauty and elegance in the locomotion of machine parts - members of the team breathe life into the formerly inanimate skeletons of aluminum and transform them into automatons capable of anything. With a student-run, student-based, student-built philosophy, ART has grown from a six-person founding team to a thriving team of forty members. The team brings students united by a common interest in science, mathematics, and technology together to accomplish the common goal of building a robot. Over a decade later, the team continues to flourish, inspiring and making a strong impact on students.

Team Structure

Aragon Robotics Team

  • Exists primarily to compete in FIRST Competitions
  • Is for members who may already have experience
  • Requires a significantly larger commitment than the Club


  • Rookie All-Star Award 2001-2002
  • FRC Imagery Award 2003-2004
  • Finalist Award 2006-2007
  • Safety Award 2006-2007
  • Entrepreneurship Award 2006-2007
  • Engineering Inspiration Award 2011-2012
  • PTC Design Award 2012-2013​​
  • 1st Place Alliance at FRC Central Valley Regional 2013-2014
  • FTC NorCal Qualifier 2014-2015
  • PTC Design Award 2015-2016
  • Rockwell Collins Innovation Award 2015-2016